More Wimberly Family Pictures...

During a trip to England and Scotland in 1987, I had my picture taken at the border on the A696 on my way to York, England. There was a scotsman (I think) at this border point, in Kilts, playing his bagpipe, asking for donations. He also needed a bath.
     This is the house where Thomas Harvey Wimberly (my great-grandfather) lived near Divide, IL, in fact, that's Thomas Harvey standing on the front porch. Thomas Harvey was the grandson of Elijah Wimberly. Thomas was a successful farmer and served as the tax collector for Field Township for many years. He also provided dairy products for the area residents. Wallace Wimberly (Thomas Harvey's son and my grandfather) was the Executor of Thomas Harvey's estate when Thomas Harvey died in 1919.

     The house no longer is standing. It was torn down in the 1970's by a family that purchased the old home place and moved a mobile home onto this location. This is near the Panther Fork Baptist Church in Field Township, IL