About the Database....

     The Wimberly Family Genealogy (WFG) database is published on the internet as a service to the many Wimberly surname researchers who have contacted me and wanted to know what genealogy data I have on the various branches of the Wimberly family in the United States and England. There are over 8,400 names and 2,900 family records in this database. Much of the information in the database is graciously shared with me by other Wimberly researchers who immediately acknowledged the value of such a shared database. The remainder of the data was gathered by me in over 15 years of research.

     The database is a copy of the original with the sources and notes stripped out to save server space. The information in the database is not to be used as conclusive proof of a connection of one generation to another generation. In fact, there are many connections that are included as theory, not fact or proved. Since the software program I use (GedPage©) does not provide a way to include a connection that is theory, you must contact me to verify a connection. The database is to be used with CAUTION and for research purposes only. Please read the disclaimer on the home page of the database.

     Please do not copy entries out of the database and source the database as proof of a connection or the existence of a child, spouse, or a marriage. I will not be responsible for the misuse of this database by others.

     Do not draw any conclusions that a surname is related to the Wimberly family just because a name is included in the database. Many surnames are included in the database that have no direct connection to the Wimberly surname. Remember, this database is for research purposes only.

     The copyright posted at the bottom of each page in the database is a copyright on the FORM of the data, NOT on the information contained in the database, which is generally public information and cannot be copyrighted!


This page was updated on April 19, 2008